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March 6, 2013 at 6:44 pm

Sugar Sweets

breaking records

Indie-Label-Magazine_largeIn 1995 Music Publisher Bernadette O’Reilly and Composer/Producer Eve Nelson crossed paths. This meeting manifested the creation of a production company known as Nelson-O’Reilly Productions. They were writing, producing and composing songs for various artists such as Chaka Khan, Eva Cassidy and Melba Moore, just to name a few. Eve was also into writing themes and TV commercial jingles. This included commericals for L’oreal, Coca-Cola, Lowes, Exxon, and I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter. For you NBA fanatics, “I Love This Game” is also a product of Nelson-O’Reilly. A more detailed display of their work is listed under History on the Breaking Records website. (I am sure you will be like and say, “Awe man, I remember that!”)

To add fuel to the fire, in 2006, Bernadette opted to create a record label called Breaking Records. This decision was triggered by her desire to release a CD of a rock band known as LOURDS. Shortly after launching the record label, they were blessed and thrilled to release their biggest artist/seller, Entertainer/Comedienne Sandra Bernhard “Everything Bad & Beautiful”.

The brilliance and expertise of Sherrie Fell in Video, Digital and New Media merited her the position of Sr. VP for Breaking Records. She is also a tenacious creative talent in the areas of concept marketing and promotion.

Eve Nelson is currently assisting in the development of new indie artists across the country. Chaka Khan once said, “Eve Nelson is simply the best. She can do anything.” This includes but not limited to, writing, arranging, composing, conducting or inadvertently squeezing her cat into her sofa bed. “Meow!” – Jerry Rodriguez

Breaking Records and OurSceneTV!

July 11, 2010 at 5:26 am

Listen to Breaking Records Licensing Artists on
Featuring songs from: Charm School, Dirty Excuse, LOURDS, Sandra Bernhard, Melba Moore, GSX, BBG, Carla, Miz Metro and Karine Hannah!

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Demolition String Band releases new album!

August 17, 2007 at 5:57 am

“Different Kinds Of Love”

Featuring “Letters,” a tale of internet unfaithfulness, the haunting “Loneliness (Is a kind of forgetting)” co-written with Robert Burke Warren (Roseanne Cash), an overworked mother singing to her only child in “Real Good Mama”, the rockin’ “Your Wish,” the folk-rockin’ “Wisteria” and the straight up twang-boogie of “I Wanna Wear White.”

The fourth album by this veteran New Jersey band, a mix of bluegrass-informed roots-country, is a heart tugger of failed relationships, wandering love, and dead-end lives. Elena Sky’s raw, earthy vocals and Boo Reiners’ slinging telecaster dance and hop above the driving rhythm section. Different Kinds of Love, produced by Skye and Reiners, shows a band that has grown as musicians and creators, but have stayed true to their unrefined, emotional sound.
— Miles of Music
“The Demolition String Band has ventured from punkish to acoustic stringband updatings of the songs of Ola Belle Reed. Their latest is proof that a band this edgy and adventurous can just keep getting tighter and crisper performing together over time. Different Kinds of Love features the strong points they’ve shown for years, Elena Skye’s sharp songwriting and Boo Reiner’s immaculate picking for instance, and powers them up with new rockabilly-tinged thrust.”
-Barry Mazor (No Depression Magazine, Wall Street Journal)