MELBA MOORE EP “Book of Dreams” in PINK Magazine’s Music

March 17, 2010 at 5:33 am

PINK MAGAZINE’S Jason P Freeman picks Melba Moore’s “Book of Dreams” as this months pick of the best new music!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Likely most famed for her spiritual songs of soul, and for the monumental influence her 1990 recording of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” had on Congressional Record (ultimately denoting the song as the official African American National Hymn), fans of acclaimed R&B artist Melba Moore may be unaware that this diva of divinity also does disco.

Moore’s soon-to-be-released “Book of Dreams” EP is a dance album featuring three remixes and one instrumental. The title track, written by Pat Maiorino and Andy Sarnoff–who penned two songs for Nancy Wilson and Branford Marsalis’ Grammy nominated Forbidden Lover—is an emotional ballad about overcoming odds scored against dance-floor funk; two topical themes to which LGBTs are apt to get.

And in that regard, gays can get it 9 p.m. Sunday, March 28 at NYC’s uber-trendy Splash Bar in Chelsea, where Moore will be performing in a fundraising effort to benefit the nonprofit LGBT yourh service organization, Our Youth.

Incidentally, Breaking Records Music, the independent label releasing Book of Dreams’ hard copy edition, is gay-owned and operated too.

By Jason P Freeman