Demolition String Band – THIRD COAST MUSIC Review – Different Kinds of Love

March 6, 2013 at 8:26 pm

“Normally, the words “string band” imbue me with nameless dread but while Elena Skye and Boo Reiner’s did start out playing bluegrass, the cover of the group’s second album alone tells you they drifted away — into a blend of bluegrass, real and alt country, country rock, and rock and roll that they call “hardcorn grindgrass fullbarn stompdown twangadelix.” While there’s no such obvious attention grabber as their their countrified version of Madonna’s Like A Prayer, their fourth album is a major step up from Pulling Up Atlantis (Okra-Tone, 2001). Reiners has always been a stupendous guitarist, showcased here on his original instrumental Boonanza and the multiple overdubs of Wisteria but Skye, who wrote or co-wrote ten of the thirteen tracks, sings eleven of them (Reiners gets her Thinkin’ Bout Drinkin’) and plays mandolin, has really blossomed in all three roles, positively radiating confidence and maturity on an album that pulses with energy.
If you didn’t read the credits you might well think that the ten tracks cut at a Mebane, NC studio owned by Southern Culture On The Skids’ Rick Miller (SCOTS’ Mary Huff sngs harmonies on I Wanna Wear White) were actually live recordings. The other three were cut at Eric Ambel’s Brooklyn studio…from Who Taught You to Drinkin Whisky there’s nothing even close to a dud track, though, if you get a copy of the first jewel case pressing, 10 is Ola Belle Reed’s Undone In Sorrow, 11 Thank You Claudia rather than the other way around as listed. I don’t know if that makes it a collectors item, but its well worth having, with or without the error!” – John Conquest