Demolition String Band – TIME OUT NEW YORK – Different Kinds of Love

March 6, 2013 at 8:14 pm

TIME OUT NEW YORK: “Demolition String Band rolls its friendly honky-tonk rock into the Rodeo Bar, proving that a NYC band can kick the sawdust with the best of ’em. Though the group appears frequently, tonight ain’t just another night: Frontwoman Elena Skye & Co. are celebrating the release of a new CD, Different Kinds of Love, which ably shows off their twang & roll. .. “Demolition String Band rolls its friendly honky-tonk rock into the Rodeo Bar, proving that a NYC band can kick the sawdust with the best of ’em. Though the group appears frequently, tonight ain’t just another night: Frontwoman Elena Skye & Co. are celebrating the release of a new CD, Different Kinds of Love, which ably shows off their twang & roll.”

Demolition String Band – No Depression Magazine- Different Kinds of Love

March 6, 2013 at 8:05 pm

“The Demolition String Band has ventured from punkish to acoustic stringband updatings of the songs of Ola Belle Reed. Their latest is proof that a band this edgy and adventurous can just keep getting tighter and crisper performing together over time. Different Kinds of Love features the strong points they’ve shown for years, Elena Skye’s sharp songwriting and Boo Reiner’s immaculate picking for instance, and powers them up with new rockabilly-tinged thrust.”


Demolition String Band – Harp Magazine- Different Kinds of Love

March 6, 2013 at 8:04 pm


Hearing a bluegrass song with lyrics about hills and trains is unremarkable. Hearing a bluegrass song about “the hills of Jersey City” and a train that’s probably a subway is remarkable indeed. If the cardinal rule of Americana is sing-about-what-you-know authenticity, then the Demolition String Band certainly scores on that qualification. The Hoboken quartet has strong musical roots in bluegrass traditions – leader Elena Skye studied mandolin with Jethro Burns – but those roots are shot through with plenty of rock ‘n’ roll electricity. Correlations could be drawn to towering roots/punk bands like Lone Justice and X, but Skye’s twang of a voice and the chugging, old-school instrumentation lands these guys firmly on the “roots” side of the equation. Subways and landfills aren’t the sole lyrical territory; there are also the requisite “drinking and thinking about you” lines. But the energetic and full-bodied approach the DSB takes keeps any of it from getting too precious or predictable.

Demolition String Band – Billboard Review- Different Kinds of Love

March 6, 2013 at 7:59 pm


BILLBOARD REVIEW: Letters (3:06) Producer: Boo Reiners Writer: E. Skye Publisher: Mighty Minx, ASCAP ,Breaking Records

Demolition String Band may be New York-based, but the entrenched alt-country quartet could rub cozy shoulders with Alison Krauss any day. Fourth album “Different Kinds of Love,” released in late 2007 on versatile indie Breaking Records, delivers on the group’s beloved mix of bluegrass, honky-tonk, rock and Bayou ooze, highlighted by whimsical “Letters,” an ode to a modern-day techno-bunco. Lead singer/songwriter Elena Skye laments, “I woke up late last night to a blinking computer light and saw you writing to a darling signed with care/Does she know that while you write I sleep in your bed each night?” Mandolin, a thrush of driving percussion and plentiful acoustic trimmings add a plaintive instrumental backdrop—but it’s ultimately all in good fun. Skye and company are primed to rope in triple A here, while the 13-track full-length has further potential at country with vigorous “Wisteria,” wedding wish “I Wanna Wear White” and collaborative throwdown “Who Taught You.” Demolition’s members are across-the-board connoisseurs: master instrumentalists, lyricists and entertainers, while Skye is a vocal treasure.” – CT

LOURDS Have Mercy

March 6, 2013 at 7:35 pm

LOURDS Have Mercy

Inside Connection: Friday, June 9, 2006
Rock Debut with Classic Elements
by Barbara Bales

LOURDS is a rock band from New York City. It is also the name of the band’s founding member, who, at age 6, dazzled audiences at Carnegie Hall when she did a violin recital. “I was in a bunch of youth orchestras as a child,” the singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist says. “At Carnegie Hall, it was the New York Symphony Youth Orchestra, I believe. I was the youngest member of the orchestra by far, so that was a big deal. I practiced symphonies by Mahler and Elgar incessantly as a child, so I believe I played them at the Carnegie Hall performance. The solo I was known for then was Pablo Sarasates’ ‘Malaguena.’ All of this happened between the ages of 5 and 8, so details from one performance to the next are truthfully a blur.” Since then, LOURDS has not stopped performing.

The band’s current lineup has been together for about one year. In April 2006, Breaking Records released their self-titled debut. Both parties have developed an excellent business relationship. “There’s nothing like trust,” says Lourds, who had worked with the label’s executives before the band signed with them.

“I recorded, sang and played all the instruments on a song called ‘Goodbye Losers’ that I wrote a couple years ago at a production house run by the label president, Bernadette O’Reilly,” she says. “It’s a sports arena anthem, and through the efforts of executive producer Sherrie Fell [vice president of Breaking Records], we got interest in the song from ESPN. As a result, I did another version of the song, ‘Victory,’ specifically targeting the sports market. Over the past two years, Bernadette, Sherrie and I have licensed the song everywhere, getting placement in movies, on ABC football, ESPN and women’s basketball. We have made a decent amount of money for ourselves and for Nelson-O’Reilly Productions on this one song. From doing business with this one track, our morals and business ethics were apparent and it was clear that we are all trustworthy, go get’em and cut from the same cloth.”

A relationship formed, based on “mutual respect, honesty and handshake agreements,” Lourds maintains. “It began feeling like family to me, so when Breaking Records wanted to sign our band to their label, it felt natural and right when the rest of the band met the label, they immediately shared my sentiment”

Rounding out the quartet are guitarist Gene Blank, drummer Sarah Vasil and bassist Joey Sagarese. Prior to joining Lourds, Gene played in the bands Bile, Supermassive and Uranium 235. His influences range from Jimi Hendrix to Dave Matthews. Sarah took up the drums in grade school. (At the time, she was entertaining thoughts of becoming a golf pro.) Sarah had been in the bands Sarastatic and the Drive before relocating to New York City, where she met Lourds. Among Sarah’s influences are Keith Moon, John Bonham and Samantha Maloney. Upon hearing Rancid for the fast time, Joey was catapulted into what he describes as “a lifetime of punk rock and hardcore.” Among his favorite groups are Bad Religion, Metallica and Led Zeppelin. Lourds describes their new CD as rock with classic elements. ‘That’s what we hope people will feel about it,” she says, “a timeless rock record with distinct and memorable songs, like those classic records from the 1960s and 1970s that never get old.”

In 2003, Lourds (the band) had been performing regularly in different clubs, most notably CBGB’s, which resulted in the release of Basement Tapes. “CBGB’s has always been packed with diehard fans for many years and that’s why Basement Tapes was released,” she says. “It was just a collection of lo-fi basement demos recorded at different times that sold thousands of units.”

The band was handpicked to play the Billboard Digital Music Awards in L.A. and recently performed at the Whisky-a-Go-Go. They have also been performing in clubs across the country. Signing with Breaking Records allowed them to record with Ed Stasium, whom Lourds describes as “the greatest producer of all time, who produced and recorded records for rock legends like my hero, Freddie Mercury, as well as Mick Jagger, the Ramones and Living Colour.”

She describes the current lineup as “amazing musicians who started playing when they were young, all trained but not classically trained. We left the gate running, playing out with existing songs of mine. But we have newer songs we’re really excited about, where we’re collaborating more on the songwriting.”

In addition to what she refers to as “great music and an awesome live show,” the band uses “nontraditional instrumentation peppering a classic rock backdrop with the distorted electric violin soloing like a guitar, as well as the mandolin. We work hard, we play with all our souls, and we rock hard, period.”

LOURDS – Billboard Underground – Review

March 6, 2013 at 7:29 pm

Producer: Ed Stasium
Breaking RecordsLourds, Billboard
Release Date: May 30th
Billboard Underground headliner LOURDS is all fire and brimstone in a live setting, and the acts’s 12-track self-titled CD, the debut project for New York-based Breaking Records, is an emphatic companion to the red-hot vim that lead singer Lourds pitches and provokes. The band’s namesake howls, and growls and teases, but she is actually a musical prodigy who played violin at Carnegie Hall when she was 6. Now how often does a fervent rock chick plug into an amped fiddle and mandolin? Truly incomparable. The set was helmed by Grammy Award winner Ed Stasium, who has produced the likes of the Ramones, Smithereens and Living Colour. Highlights abound, including obvious launch single “Astropop,” as well as anger anthem “Erased” and fun, fervor-charged “You Suck the Life Out of Me.” Innovative and yet accessible , LOURDS breaks the rules, while poised to break into the big time. Contact –CT (Chuck Taylor) Billboard Magazine

Billboard Magazine – Lourds Lane – Victory

March 6, 2013 at 7:05 pm

Lourds Lane Victory

Producers: Lourds Lane, Ray Cervenka, Sherrie Fell
WriLourds Lane victory-reviewter: L. Lane
Publisher: Supergirl Music, ASCAP
Breaking Records
Billboard Underground headliner Lourds Lane inadvertently wrote a new sports anthem when “Victory” scored some prime exposure. The track caught the ear of ESPN, and the sports conglomerate has licensed it. A thick, heavily distorted bassline leads “Victory” while the remaining instruments are covered with a scratchy, industrial coat. Rousing hand claps and chants of “Get up now and fight” make the song [Victory] a primal chant for domination, and it’s a catchy anthem that will fit any sports stadium….Lane adds to the kick-ass quotient by sawing off an electric violin solo that whines as nastily as a guitar. Whether it’s played in a concert or being used to cheer a team on the defense, “Victory” will get fists pumping and feet stomping.”
-Christa Titus, Billboard Magazine [July 28th, 2006]

Indie Label Magazine

March 6, 2013 at 6:44 pm

Sugar Sweets

breaking records

Indie-Label-Magazine_largeIn 1995 Music Publisher Bernadette O’Reilly and Composer/Producer Eve Nelson crossed paths. This meeting manifested the creation of a production company known as Nelson-O’Reilly Productions. They were writing, producing and composing songs for various artists such as Chaka Khan, Eva Cassidy and Melba Moore, just to name a few. Eve was also into writing themes and TV commercial jingles. This included commericals for L’oreal, Coca-Cola, Lowes, Exxon, and I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter. For you NBA fanatics, “I Love This Game” is also a product of Nelson-O’Reilly. A more detailed display of their work is listed under History on the Breaking Records website. (I am sure you will be like and say, “Awe man, I remember that!”)

To add fuel to the fire, in 2006, Bernadette opted to create a record label called Breaking Records. This decision was triggered by her desire to release a CD of a rock band known as LOURDS. Shortly after launching the record label, they were blessed and thrilled to release their biggest artist/seller, Entertainer/Comedienne Sandra Bernhard “Everything Bad & Beautiful”.

The brilliance and expertise of Sherrie Fell in Video, Digital and New Media merited her the position of Sr. VP for Breaking Records. She is also a tenacious creative talent in the areas of concept marketing and promotion.

Eve Nelson is currently assisting in the development of new indie artists across the country. Chaka Khan once said, “Eve Nelson is simply the best. She can do anything.” This includes but not limited to, writing, arranging, composing, conducting or inadvertently squeezing her cat into her sofa bed. “Meow!” – Jerry Rodriguez