Breaking Records Licenses “Victory” Song to Chick Fights!

May 3, 2013 at 9:08 am

Why do we like licensing music to film, tv, commercials and web

content? Because it’s fun!

Take the song “VICTORY” by Lourds Lane. It’s kind of like Queen’s “We will rock you” with a twist of lime. We actually released it as an EP with a “B side” featuring “Victory’s” opposite equal song “Goodbye Losers” which is the same song with different lyrics, depends how you like to look at winners.

Breaking Records licensed the song “Victory” to Chick Fight (see video below).

Here’s a sample of the press Release by Black Pants Productions:

SAN FRANSISCO, California, – Black Pants Incorporated is elated to announce a new partnership with the Breaking Records Music label! Breaking Records has provided the hit, “Victory,” for ChickFight’s new theme song. “Victory” is peppy yet raw sports anthem with a heavy baseline that’s performed by Lourds Lane (who also fronts the rock band LOURDS). The new theme song further underscores ChickFight’s tough, femme-positive attitude. We are looking forward to bringing more Breaking Records tracks to ChickFight and all of the BlackPants Projects.