Melba Moore

Book Of Dreams

When Melba Moore read the lyrics to Book of Dreams she knew she wanted to record the song. The Lyrics, written by Pat Maiorino and Andy Sarnoff speak of following your dreams and never giving up in the face of fear.

“Book of Dreams” is a Dance Album featuring 3 remixes and an instrumental. The song was written by Pat Maiorino and Andy Sarnoff who penned two songs for Nancy Wilson and Branford Marsalis’ Grammy nominated album “Forbidden Lover” and have also had a number 1 single, “Catch the Light” with Martha Wash among many other artists who have covered their vast catalogue. Melba had a special affinity for the song ,Book of Dreams’ message about pursuing your dream and overcoming the odds which led her to record the EP. The tracks were mixed and Produced by DJ Louie Balo & DJ Trakkula.

Melba Moore “Book of Dreams”